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At Stillpoint Wholistic we are pleased to offer rental space for practitioners providing services in alignment with our core values. Read the bios below to meet our current roster of partner practitioners. 

If you are a practitioner in the Edmonton area looking for a space to rent, please contact us about availability below. 

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Zoe Ringham

Zoe is a Certified Anat Baniel Method NeuroMovement® Practitioner. She comes from a medical background and worked as an Orthoptist (worked with eye muscle problems) for over 30 years. She developed a chronic disease which traditional medicine could not cure, and she began to explore other avenues to improve her health. She has explored numerous modalities and found great improvement in her physical and mental health. 

During her first lesson of Anat Baniel, the pain she had for 5 years was improved and her body moved in ways it hadn’t for years. “I thought walking was going to be painful for the rest of my life”. “I’m delighted to say a few lessons eliminated my chronic pain”. 

About 10 years ago Zoe discovered she had a gift connecting with children with special needs. The training allows her to transform both children and adults lives physically, emotionally, and cognitively. 

ABM Certified NeuroMovement Practitioner (510 hours) – 2019
ABM NeuroMovement for Children Practitioner (176 hours) – 2020
ABM Segment 5 of Children's Mastery (44 hours) – 2020​ABM NeuroMovement for Vitality and AntiAging Practitioner (91 hours) – 2021
ABM NeuroMovement for High Performers (38 hours) – 2022

Please contact Zoe for more information or to book
(250) 732-3768

Rachael Klemke

Hi, I’m Rachael!
As a mother myself, I am an advocate. I advocate on behalf of my children and stand for their potential, looking towards a vision I hold for them. I aim to be a voice that
empowers them in the community and creates spaces of safety, self-discovery allowing them to be their authentic selves at every stage they are at.

Since the birth of our second child, Lincoln, my life has been on a learning journey! One that I knew in my soul was the direction I was meant to be going. Allowing myself to be open and step into the unknown has unlocked my inner connection. To myself. To my family. And to the world around me. As parenthood has unfolded for me, I am humbled by what intentional connection to self has brought forward, even in the depths of uncertainty.

My life is learning and I have completed my Anat Baniel Method® Neuromovement® training as well as my Childrens Mastery training through Anat. In 2022 I completed my RIE® Foundations as I look to expand. Our life has been a ‘Family Movement’ of sorts and with my husband and I both being graduated practitioners of ABMNM® we live a life that is full of looking to connect with what is. Embracing our family’s uniqueness with
healing and grace has opened up ways for us to connect and live our life abundantly.

Please contact Rachael for more information or to book
(780) 289-7224

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