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At Stillpoint Wholistic we are pleased to offer rental space for practitioners providing services in alignment with our core values. Read the bios below to meet our current roster of partner practitioners and book with them directly, by clicking the buttons provided. 

If you are a practitioner in the Edmonton area looking for a space to rent, please contact us about availability below. 

Tracy at Stillpoint Wholistic

Tracy Quinlan

Tracy has been practicing Astrology since 2015. She was driven by her love of helping people, and passion for Astrology and how it can deliver such incredibly helpful insights.


In 2018 she was guided to explore modalities that combined Astrology and sound for the purposes of healing, and that’s when she discovered planetary tuning forks and the work of Hans Cousto. By summer 2019 she was enrolled in her Level 1 Acutonics class.


From day one Tracy knew there was powerful healing in the sound tools. She has since completed all Acutonics levels and several course electives. The introduction to acupuncture points and healing principals has been thrilling for Tracy. She admires the work of Eileen McKusick and John Beaulieu, and continues to study and grow her

knowledge and understanding what sound healing can deliver.


“Vibration, sound, and consciousness are fundamental manifestations of the universe that largely define the nature of existence and the structure and organization of everything that exists. BioSonic tuning forks are designed by doctor John Beaulieu based on the mathematical modeling of the human body related to sonic intervals.


Listening to BioSonic tuning forks creates an instant state of mental and physical coherence that can be scientifically measured through the release of constitutional nitric

oxide and related biochemical markers that are fundamental to health and well-being.” – John Beaulieu - This can be said for all tuning forks and quality sound tools.


Tracy is looking forward to sharing this amazing modality with you!

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